Sunday, May 13, 2007

Athiesm vs. God, One guys very rudimentary opinion

There has been a lot of interest in atheism lately. Lots of books have been written. Lots of TV and print time consumed.

I was watching a debate on Nightline with some Atheists debating the existence of God with Kirk Cameron and some other guy. In my opinion, the Atheists appeared better in that particular debate (even though the male debater could not contain his contempt for the two believers, nor could he hide that he felt he was superior to the two - his hatred of the two was plainly evident - there is no such thing as a happy atheist). This one debate does not prove anything or disprove anything as to the existence of God. The interesting thing about these particular atheists is that they have a web site that challenges people to take the "Blasphemy Challenge" (having folks appear on camera and renouncing the Holy Spirit - the ultimate blasphemy). That is all that needs to be said about them. They think they are doing something new, fresh and different, but it's the same tired rhetoric, and long after their web site is unplugged, and they are dead and gone, the church and belief in God will still be there. It is at least worth consideration as to why that is?

Anyway, atheism claims that they are only looking at telling the truth, and looking at God scientifically and rationally. My question is, who died and made science king? Science as G. K. Chesterton says can be a tool or a toy. Science has given us wonderful things - cures for diseases, etc, and that cannot be discounted. But since when is it the ultimate authority for truth or falseness? Where is that written? Some elite scientists in some elite universities and think tanks made those decisions. That is not law.

Atheists want you to conveniently forget everything you know about how the world works. What I mean is, everything we see in the "unnatural" world, paintings, houses, cars, etc. is created. Someone created that stuff. For instance, Van Gogh CREATED the painting Starry, Starry Night. Frank Lloyd Wright CREATED Fallingwater. Werner Von Braun and his team of rocket scientists CREATED the Saturn V rocket that took several astronauts to the moon.

Yet, they want you to believe that systems that are infinitely more complex in the "natural" world than the things mentioned above just "happened" by a series of random, unexplainable chances. The human brain is more complex than any computer. Look at the complexity of the human eye. Or any system in the human body. Is it really plausible to believe that it just happened by chance (or actually chances)?

That, in my opinion takes more of a child like faith to believe than believing in a creator.

The dirty little secret scientists don't want you to know is that there is not a unified theory of evolution. There are as many different theories of how we came to be here as there are Christian denominations. But, they want you to believe that the question is settled and "proven". Evolution is a fact. That is laughable.

I make no claims of understanding how EXACTLY we came to be where we are right now. There is mystery in it, and maybe that is how it should be. If we knew all the answers, we'd be on a level with God. That is in fact where these people want to be. Can you imagine how big our heads would be if we had it all figured out?

The reason a lot of folks don't want to admit there is a God, is because then you have to admit that there is absolute truth. Absolute morality. Absolute right and wrong. Absolute accountability.

After all of that, the point is we are here. One supposed "proof" that God can't exist is all of the harm done by believers (especially Christians) over the years - the usual - Salem Witch Trial, the Crusades, the Inquisition, etc. But we never talk about THEIR history (atheists). Their history has given us such enlightened loving creatures as Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, just to name a few (and there are a LOT more than that). That is THEIR history. And what was the first thing they normally did? Killed all of the Priests, Nuns, Monks, Rabbis and Ministers of the Gospel? Why? Simple fear, and the knowledge that those folks were absolute threats to their systems of power. THAT is also at least worthy of some consideration.

We need to acknowledge that there are our brothers and sisters around the world starving to death (including here in the good old US of A), without clean water and health care, without shelter, and being oppressed under systems designed wholly to keep them down. We should be thinking a whole lot more about that than debating these seemingly trivial points.

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