Friday, August 5, 2011


I've been wondering,
how we got from a guy walking the dusty roads of Palestine
and teaching,
some of the most perfect ethical teachings ever,
on how to be a holistic, loving human being,
to, what we have today.

Thousands and thousands of Christian Denominations.
Each of them saying
If you don't follow my "brand" of Christianity,
to the letter,
you are doomed to the fires of hell.

Fragmenting, in Schism, Dividing,
breaking apart at the seams.

They can't all be right.
They can't all be wrong.
One group not orthodox enough for another, so they start a new brand.
One group too orthodox for the other, so they start a new brand.

Cries of "heresy" and "apostasy" and "infidel" as routine as doing the laundry.

A lot of energy,
and words,
and thoughts,

Seemingly very little of it having anything to do with any of what that guy taught.


Those on the outside,
looking in to see,
if the teachings of that guy,
and the life of the Christian,
and the love Christians profess for each other and their fellow man is for real


What the hell is going on?

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